Club member profile - Lisa

We asked our Club members how they started gliding, what they enjoy and have achieved at Devon and Somerset Gliding Club.

Lisa HumphriesLisa Humphries

Why did you start gliding?   My Dad started gliding at DSGC and I came up for a trial lesson when I was 17 and was hooked straight away.
What is your most memorable flight?   My first cross-country flight for Silver distance - 50kms in DG100 to The Park in blue conditions.
What is your most memorable moment?   When I came back to gliding and was sent solo again and had a cable break.
What keeps you  motivated?   There's so much more that I can achieve.
Does gliding influence other areas of your life?   When I'm driving, I'm careful to look over the wing to see who's overtaking me.
What single word sums up gliding for you?   Escape (from the stress of work)
Why do you like owning your own glider?   I like to have control of how my glider is equipped, and I can fly it when I want to, and I like having my own personal registration.
What do you like about DSGC?   It's a friendly sociable place, with superb equipment, and it is a relatively inexpensive hobby.
Why do you enjoy instructing?   I think we are all continuously learning, and I like passing on skills and knowledge to others.
Why do you like flying with other people?   I enjoy the company.
Where else have you flown?   I've been on the club expeditions to Brentor, Talgarth, Denbigh, Long Mynd, Portmoak.
Are ther any issues with being a woman at a gliding club?   Although gliding is a male dominated sport, DSGC has a good mix of female members and we can achieve the same as the men.
Age:   44 years
Occupation:   Co-owner, Air Charter Company
Started gliding:   1984 - 1988 and then after a maternity break from 2000
Number of launches:   1167 launches
Number of hours:   370 hours