Club member profile - Mike

We asked our Club members how they started gliding, what they enjoy and have achieved at Devon and Somerset Gliding Club.

Mike HorwoodMike Horwood

What inspired you to start gliding?


I used to watch gliders at Sutton Bank when I was young, and always thought it would be interesting. I liked the idea of flying power, but couldn't afford it.

What is your most memorable moment?


Last Thursday, it was beautifully still and serene.

What is your most memorable flight?


My first Trial Lesson with Roly.

What single word sums up gliding for you?


Challenging (I found it quite difficult at times needing focus)

What's your next goal in gliding?


I'd like to be able to do some cross-country flying.

What do you like about DSGC?


Everyone is very friendly and forgiving.

What keeps you motivated?


Unrealistic optimism.



61 years



University Lecturer in Engineering and Marine Surveyor.

Started gliding:


Summer 2011

Number of launches:


120 (4 solo)

Number of hours gliding: