Club member profile - George

We asked our Club members how they started gliding, what they enjoy and have achieved at Devon and Somerset Gliding Club.

George VojtisekGeorge Vojtisek

When did you start gliding?


I had an interest in flying from the age of 8 years, and I used to make lots of aircraft models but I really wanted to fly for real. I was inspired reading gliding books. I flew at Booker in 1971 but had to give it up when we moved to Devon and was busy with a young family. I first came to North Hill in 1974 on a group evening with the Round Table and flew with Barry Salter.

What made you start gliding again?


I came to the DSGC Open weekend in 2010 and haven't looked back since, I like being able to fly on Thursdays.

What is your most memorable moment?


Going solo.

What is your most memorable flight?


There have been 2 flights in the K21 with CFI Pete - recently in a north westerly wind exploring some wave lift at the end of the ridge, and back in the summer flying up to cloudbase in a good thermal.

What single word sums up gliding for you?


Just brilliant (2 words)

What's your next goal in gliding?


Bronze badge, and Cross-country endorsement, maybe a syndicate glider and flying cross-country.

What do you like about DSGC?


Everyone is friendly and helpful, and the Instructors are brilliant.

What keeps you motivated?


There's so much to explore, learn and enjoy.



70 years



Retired Company Director Manufacturing Business.

Started gliding:


October 1971 at Booker and then from June 2010

Number of launches:



Number of hours gliding:


28 hours (30mins P1 - soloed September 2012)