Club member profile - Stuart

We asked our Club members how they started gliding, what they enjoy and have achieved at Devon and Somerset Gliding Club.

Stuart ProctorStuart Proctor

Why did you start gliding?   I've always been interested  in flying , but I thought power flying would be outside my budget. So I took up gliding 28 years ago.
What is your most memorable flight?   I stayed up for 5 hours in the K13. I had only gone to the field because I had agreed  to pick up a friend if he landed away from the club. While he was flying, I took off and when he rang to ask me to fetch him, I was aloft. I was still up 2 hours later when he rang to to ask me where I was.
What drives your motivation?   You can easily get hooked on the challenges of gliding, but I also like the social side, the atmosphere - spending time at the club with other members.
Does gliding influence other areas of your life?   Away from the club, I find myself talking to other people about gliding wherever I go - possibly more than I should!
What single word sums up gliding for you?   Challenge
Why do you enjoy instructing?   As an instructor I like to pass on to other people what I have learned and I like to see them make progress.
What is your best flight?   The longest flight I have made so far was 370 km; one of the nice things about gliding cross-country is just paying £7 to launch and then flying for miles and miles.
Age:   51 years
Occupation:   Fuel tanker driver
Years gliding:   28 years
Number of launches:   4000 launches
Number of hours:   1500 hours gliding, 850 hours powered planes