Club member profile - James

We asked our Club members how they started gliding, what they enjoy and have achieved at Devon and Somerset Gliding Club.

James HoodJames Hood

Why did you start gliding?   I used to live next door to Mark's mum and dad and got to know Mark. When I was about 13, Mark invited me to try gliding.
What is your most memorable moment?   Flying the South coast cliffs with Simon in the DG505.
Describe a memorable flight   A wave flight with Heather in DG505 (my favourite glider) - The wind was easterly and it had been cloudy all day and everyone was flying circuits. Then the cloud thinned and a wave bar set up. We just turned downwind and contacted wave. We climbed a few thousand feet.
What keeps you  motivated?   I just love flying.
What single word sums up gliding for you?   Outstanding
What do you like about DSGC?   The flying opportunities, good facilities, social life and teamwork
Why do you like flying with other people?   I like sharing experiences.
Where else have you flown?   I've visited 12 other clubs on club expeditions. Every club is different, the types of flying, variety of aircraft, facilities, and meeting new people.
What is your next goal in gliding?   I'm hoping to achieve a Basic Instructor rating in the near future, so that I can pass on my enjoyment of gliding to others.
Age:   19 years
Occupation:   Engineer (ex-apprentice)
Started gliding:   2005
Number of launches:   700 launches
Number of hours:   200 hours
Total cross-country flown   500 kilometres