Francis Bustard Trophy


The Francis Bustard Trophy is awarded annually for the best gain of height.


"Francis Bustard, who died last autumn, remembered the club in his will.
I don't know when I met Francis; it just seems he was always there. Quietly, lovingly, Francis seemed to turn up whenever he was needed and caused things to be done "right."
His contributions to the club were continuous. He was a contributor to the North Hill purchase deposit and when we bought North Hill (in exchange for our gliders), he lent us a Capstan.
He and I collected it from Slingsby's, towed by Phil Jefferies in the Tiger Moth. Over the Mendips we got towed over the top of a fog layer which Phil decided to dive through. At 500ft, in thick cloud, diving steeply with the Moth dangling somewhere out of sight in front of us (the Capstan had very good brakes), Francis said: "I don't think the insurance starts till tomorrow!!" There wasn't the slightest tone of panic or fear in his voice. There should have been, but that was Francis.
Francis became chairman and then president, bringing that quiet confidence, which was his hallmark, to all club decisions. He will be remembered by the BGA Executive Committee members for his contribution from 1970 to 1980.
I had the good fortune to share a Dart and then a K-6E with him. He enjoyed the air so much, which was unusual for someone who discovered it late in life.
Those of us who had the honour of knowing and loving him as a dear friend, know that he was a one-off and an English gentleman of the best sort."
John Fielden S&G April 1993


In 2021, it was awarded to Pete Startup in 230 for a flight at Denbigh on 27th September, with a height gain of 16,257ft.francis_bustard_trophy


Year Awarded to:
2021 Pete Startup
2020 not awarded (Covid19)
2019 Phil Morrison and Nick Jones
2018 Rowan Smith
2017 Pete Startup
2016 Pete Startup
2015 Matt Williamson
2014 Andrew Mugleston
2013 Wyn Davies
2012 Liam Vile
2011 Matt Wright
2010 Simon Minson
2009 John Bugbee
2008 Matt Wright
2007 Daniel Johns
2005 John Pursey
2003 John Pursey
2002 John Pursey
2001 John Pursey
2000 John Pursey
1999 Phil Morrison
1998 LukeRoberts
1997 Dave Reilly
1996 D J Edwards
1995 Dave Reilly
1994 Ellis Smith
1993 John Bugbee
1992 Mike Fairclough
1991 Simon Minson
1990 Mike Fairclough
1989 Malcolm Chant
1988 Simon Minson
1987 Dave Reilly
1986 Tim Gardner
1985 Simon Minson, Ian Mitchell
1984 Tim Gardner
1983 SteveFrank
1982 Dave Reilly
1981 Steve Frank
1980 Tim Parsons
1979 M A Heath
1978 Chris Miller
1977 Eric Shore
1976 Mike Fitzgerald
1975 Tim Gardner
1974 Eric Shore
1973 Eric Shore
1971 Roy Hodges
1969 Tim Gardner
1968 Tim Gardner