Arriving by air

If you plan to arrive at North Hill by air be aware that this can be a busy site with glider movements  flying generally unrestricted circuits  from both winch and aerotow launches.

Advance notice of arrival is required, please phone for airfield brief before leaving..

North Hill operates within the Dunkeswell Air Traffic Zone (ATZ).  Dunkeswell airfield , one mile to the east, is a very busy airfield with powered aircraft, micro-lights and parachute dropping from FL150. Dunkeswell air-ground channel is 123.480. The Dunkeswell Drop-zone controller is on the same radio channel as North Hill gliding 129.905. Please ensure that you contact Dunkeswell or give it a wide berth.

There are four winch runs at North Hill, most of the field is landable, there may be sheep grazing on the field, there is a bridle path along the South side of the airfield.