Competition Enterprise 2013

In 2013, Competition Enterprise was held by Devon & Somerset Gliding Club (DSGC) at North Hill, to celebrate 40 years since inception.

Competition Enterprise 2013

North Hill, the birthplace of Enterprise, celebrating the 40th Anniversary

29th June - 6th July 2013.

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Competition Enterprise was conceived by Philip Wills in 1974 and run by John Fielden up to his death in 2002. It continues to be held every year at a variety of gliding sites around the UK.

Our prime aim is to maximise the soaring day-

  • in-flight Pilot-selected tasks to make better use of the weather
  • opportunities for free-distance tasks
  • innovative task-setting rarely using the closed-circuit racing format of other competitions
  • syndicate scoring - we score the glider, not the pilot, so you can share the flying
  • open to any pilot with a Silver C
  • tasks accommodate all types of glider – glass and wood, small and big wings, with or without engines; BGA handicapping applies
  • discounted entry for Vintage Gliders
  • half-price entry for Junior pilots, Enterprise scholarships also available

Competition Enterprise does not claim to be better than modern competitions,

- just different!