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Task Sat 29 Sun 30 Mon 1 Tue 2 No task set Wed 3 Thu 4 No task set Fri 5 Sat 6
Results Sat 29 Scrubbed Mon 1  Scrubbed Wed 3 Scrubbed Fri 5 Sat 6

 Final results

  Prizes were awarded to the following:

First  Trevor Stuart Enterprise Challenge Trophy
Second Matt Wright Pop's Pot
Third Ron Johns Pop's Pot
The John Cadman Trophy was awarded to Trevor Stuart for his flight on Day 1 Point of no return.
The Blunt Nails trophy was awarded to Lemmy Tanner for highest score in a wooden glider. (100 points ahead of Liam)
The Sam Witter trophy was awarded Andrew Reid for an enterprising flight after using his engine.
The John Fielden Junior Scholarship award was presented to Liam Vile.