CE2017 - Tasks

Competition Enterprise tasks are by their nature "enterprising" and not the normal racing tasks of other gliding competitions. Pilots have to make their own decisions before flight and in the air, with various bonus points available. The primary aim of Enterprise is to maximise the day, making the most of all types of lift, exploring the countryside and generally encourage an 'enterprising' approach to the day's flying.

Day 1 Saturday 1st July 'The Northward Challenge' , Day 1 Flight traces (pdf)

Day 2 Sunday 2nd July 'Visit our Friends', Day 2 Flight traces (pdf)

Day 3 Monday 3rd July 'Around the Compass', Day 3 Flight traces (pdf)

Day 4 Wednesday 4th July 'Westward Ho', Day 4 Flight traces (pdf)

Day 5 Thursday 5th July 'Running round in Circles' Day 5 Flight traces (pdf)

Day 6 Friday 6th July 'Anyone for Tennis', Day 6 Flight traces (pdf)

Day 7 Saturday 7th July 'Around and About' Day 7 Flight traces (pdf)


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