Instructor of the Year Trophy


The Instructor of the Year Trophy is awarded annually to the Instructor who obtains the most votes from members through a secret online poll. The trophy is a lenticular representation and was designed and crafted by Martin Woolner.


Instructor of the Year

In 2021, it was awarded to James Flory, with Mike Sloggett 2nd.

There were 39 votes for 12 different Instructors.

Some of the reasons quoted were:

"Enthusiastic, approachable, knowledgeable, relaxed, natural Instructor"
"Inspirational leadership and commitment to the Club and Trainee pilots"
"Dedication, perseverence and patience"



Year Awarded to:
2021 James Flory
2020 not awarded (Covid19)
2019 Pete Harmer
2018 Pete Harmer
2017 Mike Sloggett
2016 Pete Harmer
2015 Pete Harmer
2014 Pete Harmer
2013 Pete Harmer
2012 Pete Harmer
2011 Pete Harmer