The Dick Wolff Trophy


The Dick Wolff TrophyThe trophy was presented to the Club in memory of Dick Wolff, to be awarded to someone who enjoys flying but also contributes to the club with ground ops such as winching, driving the tractor, helping out on courses etc- in essence all those things that help keep the club in operation on a voluntary basis.

DSGC members are invited to nominate members for the award on-line.

In 2021, it was awarded to Sally Hender, in second place was Peter Smith and third place were Nick Jones.

There were a total of 39 nominations for 12 different members.

Some of the reasons quoted were:

"Always helping and not even flying"


Year Awarded to:
2021 Sally Hender
2020 not awarded (Covid19)
2019 Team Hender
2018 Jill Harmer
2017 Jill Harmer
2016 Aston Key and Paul Kane
2015 Pete Startup and William Pope
2014 Adrian Phillips
2013 Les Hill