Personal Achievements 2011

Devon and Somerset Gliding Club (DSGC) members make significant flying achievements throughout the year.


Who? What? Membership,
(under 25)
19 January
Heather Clarke
First solo
19 January Nigel Everett Re-solo
30 January Ian Foster Re-solo
19 February Dave Clements First solo
24 February Dylan Davies Convert to Junior Junior
24 February Will Bond Convert to Junior Junior
12 March Peter Field Full Cat Instructor and MGIR
17 March
Nigel Everett
Convert to Junior
20 March
Wyn Davies
Convert to Junior
7 April Rowan Smith Silver duration
8 April Henry Ford Silver height, Full Silver
7 April James Hood Silver distance (Portmoak)
12 April Matt Wright Diamond distance
20 April Rhodri Davies First solo Junior
24 April Cheryl Smith Solo aerotow (Portmoak)
13 May Mark Wallis Convert to Junior
19 May Nigel Everett Bronze complete
21 May Jonathan Stoneman Bronze complete
24 May Rowan Smith Silver distance
24 May Trevor Russell Silver distance, Full Silver
24 May James Hood Silver duration, Full Silver
24 May John Burrow Gold distance, Gold complete, Diamond Goal
1 June Pete Dugdale First solo
8 June Martin Woolner Full Cat
10 June Pete Dugdale Convert to Junior
11 June Mark Courtney / Nick Hine ICL 206.4kms
21 June Mike Sloggett BI
30 June Heather Clarke First Bronze leg
4 July Stu Procter Full Cat
14 July Daniel Johns Gold distance, Gold complete, Diamond Goal
14 July Ray Rimes Silver duration
14 July Andrew Logan Silver height
23 July Dylan Davies Bronze leg Junior
23 July Rhodri Davies First Bronze leg Junior
24 July Rhodri Davies Convert to Junior Junior
24 July Jonathan Stoneman Cross-country Endorsement
28 July
Heather Clarke
Convert to Junior
28 July
Aston Key Convert to Junior
4 August
Rhodri Davies Second Bronze leg Junior
5 August Geoff Lawrence First solo
5 August Nigel Everett Solo aerotow
5 August
Dave Clements Convert to Junior
16 August Liam Vile First solo Junior
28 August Pete Dugdale Solo aerotow
4 September
Dylan Davies
Bronze complete
8 September Malcolm Vest
First solo
8 September Tom Sides First solo
7 October Matt Wright
Diamond Height, Diamonds complete
9 October Rowan Smith Silver Height, Silver complete
15 October Dave Weeks Bronze complete
28 October Wyn Davies Bronze complete
23 November
Richard Farrer
First solo
1 December
Geoff Lawrence Convert to Junior
12 December Pete Harmer MGIR revalidation
12 December Mark Courtney MGIR issued
12 December Simon Leeson MGIR issued
18 December Liam Vile Convert to K6CR Junior
18 December Will Bond Convert to K6CR Junior
18 December Lisa Humphries
Asst Cat Completion Course
18 December Andrew Mugleston Asst Cat Completion Course