Personal Achievements 2012

Devon and Somerset Gliding Club (DSGC) members make significant flying achievements throughout the year.




(under 25, in FTE)

16 December Rick Farrer Convert to Junior  
13 December Malcolm Vest Convert to Junior  
14 November Vincent McCloskey First solo  
8 November Gordon Bonny Re-solo  
8 November David Clements Convert to K13  
1 November Ian Hunt Convert to DG100  
1 November Tom Sides Convert to DG100  
20 October Ruth Comer Convert to Junior  
20 October Mark Eatough Convert to Junior  
20 September Ruth Comer First solo  
20 September Ray Dodd First solo  
20 September Mike Horwood First solo  
13 September Adrian Philips Convert to Junior  
13 September Rhodri Davies Convert to LS7 Junior
13 September Mark Eatough First solo  
12 September Rhodri Davies First solo aerotow Junior
8 September Adrian Phillips Re-solo  
7 September Ian Gawn Convert to Junior  
7 September Ray Buzza Re-solo  
7 September George Vojtisek First solo  
7 September Andreas Kraemer First solo  
6 September Ian Gawn Re-solo  
31 August Rowan Smith Gold Distance, Diamond Goal  
23 August Chris Coville Re-solo  
22 August Dylan Davies Silver Duration Junior
20 August Liam Vile Silver Distance Junior
20 August Andrew Logan Cross-country endorsement  
16 August Dave Clements Bronze Complete  
9 August Liam Vile Cross-country endorsement  
3 August Gordon Hutchison Re-solo, convert to Junior  
19 July Tom Sides Cross-country endorsement  
20 June Mark Layton Cross-country endorsement  
12 June Mark Lowrey Re-solo  
30 May Max Bond First Solo Junior
29 May Wyn Davies 100km Diploma Part 1  
29 May Wyn Davies Silver Distance, Silver Complete,  
29 May Tim Johns Silver Distance  
29 May Nick Harrison Silver Distance  
26 May Ray Rimes Bronze Complete  
12 May Andrew Mugleston Gold Distance (The Park)  
12 May Steve Westlake Gold Distance (The Park)  
12 May Mark Courtney Gold Distance, Diamond Goal  
12 May Wyn Davies Cross-Country endorsement  
12 May Wyn Davies Silver Height, Duration  
2 May Matt Wright Basic Instructor rating  
2 May Mark Layton Bronze Complete  
27 April Nick Harrison Cross-Country Endorsement  
26 April Nigel Everett Cross-Country Endorsement  
22 April Liam Vile Bronze Complete Junior
16 April Liam Vile Silver Height (Portmoak) Junior
15 April Peter Smith Convert to Discus (Portmoak)  
15 April Henry Ford Convert to Discus (Portmoak)  
10 April James Hood Basic Instructor rating  
1 April Liam Vile Convert to Astir (Merrifield) Junior
31 March Liam Vile Convert to Puchacz (Merrifield) Junior
31 March Liam Vile First solo aerotow (Merrifield) Junior
29 March Tom Sides First solo aerotow  
29 March Tom Sides Bronze Complete  
27 March Guy Adams NPPL SSEA  
13 March Rowan Smith Basic Instructor rating  
6 March Guy Adams NPPL SLMG  
3 March Matt Wright Philip Wills National Enterprise Trophy  
19 February Will Bond First solo aerotow (Yeovilton) Junior
19 February Will Bond Convert to Puchacz (Yeovilton) Junior
16 February Dylan Davies Convert to Ka6 Junior
11 January David Thorpe First solo  
11 January Steve Stevenson Resolo (after 17ish years)  

 Previous achievements