Personal Achievements 2015

Devon and Somerset Gliding Club (DSGC) members make significant flying achievements throughout the year.




(under 25, in FTE)

29 October Paul Kane Convert to K13  
25 October Peter Smith Assistant Cat Instructor Completion  
15 October Chris Mew Bronze  
15 October Ray Dodd Convert to K13  
8 October Chris Mew Convert to K13  
24 September Rob Rand Convert to Junior  
23 September Guy Adams Convert to Pawnee  
6 September Matthew Williamson Convert to Lak12  
6 September Jess Summers Convert to K6  Junior
3 September Ray Buzza Convert to Cirrus  
29 August Lisa Humphries Convert to LS6-18W  
22 August Pete Bennett Basic Instructor Junior
16 August Jess Summers Convert to Junior Junior
8 August Andrew Logan Silver distance, Silver Complete  
8 August Richard Davies First solo  
7 August Lizzie Westcott First solo Junior
6 August Mia Saunders First solo Junior
6 August Jess Summers First solo Junior
25 July James Flory Cross-country endorsement  
22 July Andrew Logan Silver Duration (Long Mynd)  
22 July Paul Little Silver Duration (Long Mynd), Silver Complete  
22 July Peter Bennett Silver Duration (Long Mynd), Silver Complete Junior
9 July Pete Startup Diamond Distance  
9 July Wendy Willis-Fleming Convert to Junior  
9 July Paul Kane Convert to Junior  
9 July Rob Rand First solo  
9 July Chris Woodward First solo  
27 June Michael Harris Convert to Junior  
25 June Paul Kane First solo  
23 June Peter Bennett Silver Distance Junior
7 June Josh Funnell First solo Junior
6 June Martin Bennett Resolo  
15 May Paul Griew Convert to Junior  
14 May Paul Griew Resolo (North Hill)  
30 April Jonathan Stoneman Silver Height  
18 April Matthew Williamson Gold Height (Talgarth)  
8 April Nigel Everett Convert to DG300  
25 March Chris Warnes Convert to Junior  
14 March James Flory Convert to Junior  
7 March Peter Bennett Cross-Country Endorsement Junior
4 March Josef Lysek Convert to Junior  
21 February James Flory First solo (Gliding)  
17 January Oscar Leeson Convert to K13 Junior
1 January Peter Bennett Bronze complete Junior

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