Personal Achievements 2017

Devon and Somerset Gliding Club (DSGC) members make significant flying achievements throughout the year.




(under 25, in FTE)

25 November Dave Woodward Convert to Junior  
25 November Charlie Stuckey Convert to K6 Junior
19 November Ross Pratt First Solo Junior
2 November Dave Woodward Solo (North Hill)  
8 October Josh Funnell Convert to Junior Junior
8 October Andy Williams Convert to Junior  
28 September John Borland Bronze complete  
2 September Ellie Carter Convert to K6 Junior
2 September Reuben Buss Convert to K6 Junior
26 August James Price First Solo Junior
19 August James Flory Asst Cat Instructor  
12 August Mark Wallis Bronze complete  
12 August Pete Bennett Convert to ASW20 Junior
11 August Reuben Buss Convert to Junior Junior
23 July Ellie Carter Convert to K13 Junior
13 July Peter March Convert to Junior (after 6 years)  
13 July Andy Williams Resolo aerotow (after xx years)  
12 July James Smart Convert to Junior  
9 July Dave Cowley Convert to Junior  
22 June Rob Rand Bronze Complete  
18 May Peter March Resolo (after 6 years)  
19 April Ray Dodd Silver Height  
9 April Ellie Carter Convert to Junior Junior
9 April Dave Wojnar Convert to Junior  
9 April Charlie Stuckey Convert to Junior Junior
7 April James Smart First solo (Gliders)  
6 April George Vojtisek Convert to K23 (Long Mynd)  
5 April Tom Sides Gold height (Portmoak)  
5 April Pete Startup Diamond height (Portmoak)  
4 April Stu Procter Gold height (Portmoak)  
16 February Reuben Buss First Solo Junior
14 January Andrew Logan Convert to ASW15  
5 January Glenn Turpin Solo (North Hill)  

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