Personal Achievements 2019

Devon and Somerset Gliding Club (DSGC) members make significant flying achievements throughout the year.




(under 25, in FTE)

14 November Hans Jenssen Bronze Endorsement  
27 October Emma Kendall Convert to Junior  
24 October Ruth Comer Solo K13 (Long Mynd)  
20 October Jack Raybould Convert to K13 (Long Mynd) Junior
19 October Dan Hender Solo K6 (Long Mynd) Junior
16 October Dan Hender Convert to K6 Junior
19 September Chris Warnes Cross-Country Endorsement  
19 September Josh Funnell Bronze Endorsement Junior
7 September Charlie Stuckey Convert to DG505 Junior
6 September Rowan Smith BGA Cloud Flying Endorsement  
31 August Charlie Stuckey Convert to Perkoz Junior
25 August Trevor Russell Convert to Perkoz  
22 August Charlie Stuckey Bronze Endorsement Junior
20 August Dan Hender Convert to Junior Junior
11 August Dan Hender First Solo Junior
2 August Andy Davey Silver Distance (Aston Down), Silver complete  
31 July Sam Flory First Solo Junior
25 July Mark Worsfold Convert to Junior  
20 July Emma Kendall First Solo  
17 July Mike Wilmott Convert to Perkoz  
17 July Stirling Melhuish First Solo  
3 July Jack Raybould First Solo Junior
30 June Gordon Hutchinson Resolo  
30 June Andy Davey Convert to Perkoz  
29 June Karen King Convert to Junior  
20 June Rick Andrews Convert to Perkoz  
30 May Chris Warnes Conveert to Perkoz  
25 May Marley Chinn First Solo Junior
25 May Ruth Comer Resolo  
23 May James Smart Convert to Perkoz  
23 May Mike Horwood Convert to Junior  
19 May Andy Williams Convert to ASW20  
19 May Peter Smith Convert to ASW20  
16 May Roly Clarke NPPL SLMG  
16 May Mark Worsfold First Solo  
14 May Ron Perry Resolo (gliders)  
5 May Martin Woolner NPPL SLMG  
18 April John Borland Cross-Country Endorsement  
27 February Andy Davey Convert to Libelle  
23 January Rob Rand Cross-Country Endorsement  
10 January Chris Woodward Resolo  
10 January Robert Lee Convert to Perkoz  
10 January John Borland Convert to DG300  

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