Local airspace rules

The gliding operations at North Hill are largely not affected from constraints of airspace, however there are a few local rules to be aware of.

Dunkeswell airspace

Devon and Somerset Gliding Club (DSGC) at North Hill operates within the ATZ of Dunkeswell airfield and partly within the drop zone of the parachuting club at Dunkeswell airfield.

A letter of agreement has been drawn up between DSGC and Air Westward to delegate airspace and operating procedures to DSGC within Dunkeswell ATZ. This delegated airspace is shown by a red boundary on the local map.

Several years ago a code of practice was drawn up between DSGC and Dunkeswell Parachuting School to enable safe operations. This old code of practice is still in operation although the parachuting organisation has subsequently changed. This delegated airspace is shown by a blue boundary on the local map.

Dunkeswell Ground operates on 123.475.
Dunkeswell Parachuting operates on 129.9 (same as North Hill)

Download the letter of agreement (pdf)
Download code of practice (pdf)
Download local map (pdf)

Exeter airspace

Exeter airport is 9 nm (16 km), south-west of North Hill. It is marked as an aerodrome with Instrument Approach Procedures (IAPs) outside controlled airspace.

quote from Aeronautical chart

"Pilots who intend to fly to or route adjacent to aerodromes with IAPs are strongly recommended when flying within 10 nm of the aerodrome to contact the aerodrome ATSU."

Under a local arrangement, North Hill Duty Instructor telephones Exeter ATC at the beginning of every flying day and informs them of gliding operations so that radio contact does not have to be made every flight.

However, any flights to the south that may continue across the extended centre-line of Exeter Airport (ie south of the A30) should make contact with Exeter Radar to report altitude and position.

Exeter Radar operates on 128.975


Airway N864 runs roughly north-south with its eastern boundary above the western end of North Hill airfield. The base is FL65 with a minimum altitude of 5500 ft.

Airway N862 runs parallel and to the east of N864, the base is FL105.

These airways are under the control of Cardiff Radar on 119.15.

Cardiff Airspace

There is a small area of Cardiff Control Terminal Area (CTA) below Airway N864,  5 nm from the north coast of Somerset, base 4500 ft, tops FL65. As it is Class D airspace, gliders may enter having contacted Cardiff Radar on 119.15

All pilots flying at North Hill should be familiar with these arrangements.

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